Redesigning of the company logo

Goal. To redesign logo with preserved “star” idea and color scheme


The studio designers preserved the “star” idea of the original logo and its color scheme, designed contemporary company symbol and selected bolder font. This logo is easy to interpret and doesn’t lose the details even in a smaller scale.

Massive and steady letters of this font represent dependability which is of great importance for the company.

Go live date:


About customer

Starstone is a high-tech manufacturing of custom-made products with acrylic stone and quartz agglomerate (countertops, wall panels, kitchen and bathroom sinks, window sills, various stands, tables, shelving, steps, stairs, vases, cutting boards, podiums, shower trays, floor decorations, mosaic, panels, borders, skirting boards, 3d elements, backlighting, edges, and other details of interior design).


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