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Website, car — no difference! Simple answers to 7 most popular questions about building websites

February 08, 2018

Sometimes it can be difficult to explain what, why, and how much it costs. The most simple and the fastest way to find common grounds with a potential client is to translate everything to simple analogies comprehensible for anyone. For such purposes, I usually use the analogy of a car.

So, let’s start with the most popular question:

1. How much does it cost to make a website?

Well, how much does it cost to buy a car? Cars may be different: sedans, trucks, American, Japanese, specialized, retro, etc. It is impossible to quote the price without answering the questions: what make, model and year of a car you are interested in.

2. I was offered to have a website done with the same functionality but several times cheaper

You may purchase a used Nissan Versa or a new Porsche. Both cars are running, they have steering wheels, four wheels, engines, interior, and the same functionality - difference is in detailing and, of course, in price.

3. If I pay you a lot of money, will I be guaranteed a good website?

You live in the US, so you should choose a site designer carefully, just as you would do with a car dealer.

4. Why pay for hosting if there are plenty of free (very cheap) alternatives?

This is up to you. You can keep your car at a protected parking lot and we can guarantee its safety. At least, you will have someone to hold responsible. You always have a choice to park your car outside, leave it by the office or even on the curbside. You will save money, but there is a high probability that one day your car will be gone or you will find it without wheels or a windshield.

5. Will my assistant be able to provide website support and content management?

Well, will you trust her to change oil in your car, because it is easy, right? Most times website support includes more than just “inserting text from clipboard”. Therefore, if you want your project always “running”, seek support only at “certified centers”.

6. I can do without optimization, promotion, marketing…

Was it worth buying a car, if you knew that in the next two years you would only roll it out of the garage twice at most, just to show it off to uncle John? No matter what your site is, it is worthless if your clients can’t find it.

7. If we make a website, how much money and how many clients, orders, etc. will it attract? How soon will it pay off?

Everything depends on the owner, “the moving truck” alone will not a money-maker. The same as profit has nothing to do with a salesperson at the shop. One owner will have his car paid off in a year, the other one will have it ruined before getting any profit. It is important to remember that some “cars” are exclusively to show status. It is impossible to try earning money by using them to move furniture.

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