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Why NOT a website builder?

February 01, 2018

One of the major aspects of GROWER.DESIGN work is to create websites. We develop them on convenient multifunctional commercial CMS (content management system). Sometimes people wonder why we don’t use a website builder. There are 6 objective reasons for that. We’ll discuss them in more detail.

Six reasons to avoid website builder

1. Standardization and patterning

Websites made using a free builder look identical, like two peas in a pod, even if your photos and texts are used to create them. Simply because of they are built with ready-made templates. There are thousands of websites, but not as many templates.

If you browse through a few dozen of websites, you will be able to pinpoint on which website builder it was created. The essence of creating a unique resource is lost. There is a huge likelihood that your clients will browse through your site without noticing it in “the crowd” of the others.

And last, but not least: only the functionality that is provided can be added to a template-based website. There is simply no opportunity to install features beyond the ones that are intended.

2. Self-activity

This point logically flows from the first one, which may be protested - “Well, you can make any website. And it will not look like others”. Yes! This is truly possible, but how much time, effort, and experience will it take? The entire business industry, thousands of professionals, technology, and other strong words are left behind the scenes if you decide to take the whole job of making a site on a builder upon yourself. Without knowledge and experience you may create a real “masterpiece”. It is strange though, that once the site is set up and launched on a builder, most business owners are wondering: why are there no sales? when will we appear in the TOP?

3. Relatively free options

Even the projects posing themselves as absolutely free will require financial investment. Of course, there is always an option to stay on the basic version of the builder, however, then there is simply no chance to stand out (see the first paragraph). All functional extensions and additional features are paid separately and on an ongoing basis.

This means that each month you will pay a fixed amount for additional options. And such payments are endless. The trick is that without additional features your project will be too primitive. The final cost can be quite comparable to buying a professional website on CMS. But at the same time, you don’t stop to pay for the resource on the builder.

4. Low level of reliability

When you create a website on a builder, remember that it doesn’t belong to you. In fact, you are renting it. In the event of any unforeseen circumstances, your free website may be simply deleted without explanation. The work on creating the website, attracting the clients, promoting will have to be started from scratch.

Or imagine that you decided to step away from the builder platform and expand the website’s capabilities. To transfer it to a professional CMS and concentrate on promotion. Unfortunately, very few platforms allow the opportunity to redeem the code with all of the settings, design, content, positions in SERP or search engine results page.

5. Insufficient functionality and flexibility

According to ads, “creating a website on a builder is simple and convenient”. It is unfortunate that those words refer, perhaps, only to basic offers. Even on the most advanced builders, functionality won’t meet absolutely all business needs. Often, the business owner himself doesn’t suspect what his needs are at the start of the site creation. And the realization of this is followed by disappointment. Specifically, this applies to online stores. After all, installing types of payment on the builder that are not included in its functionality, but are convenient for users, uploading product from a file to the page, or integrating online store with bookkeeping is practically impossible.

6. The inability for broad SEO

Just a few years ago, websites made on builders were not indexed by search engines and they loaded extremely slowly. The situation has changed. Large platforms offer possibility to install statistics counters, change meta tags, write files robots.txt. It’s all great and wonderful, but not enough to improve position on SERP. If you turn to a professional company for promotion of the site made on a builder, you will be either immediately rejected, or they won’t be able to promise even half of the results possible from a promotion of the site made on CMS.


We would be hypocrites if we completely denied the possibility of sites on builders existing on the Internet. In fact, it is not like that. That’s why we’ve created a list of reasons why you would better opt for the builder.

Here they are:

Testing an idea/business. You doubt the idea and you want to test the soil, if it will “go in” or not. In this case, you can try to make a test website on a builder. In the process of building, you will understand what you need and what is missing. This will be an excellent help in developing technical requirements for the main site. Just plan from the beginning where you will be driving traffic from. If you are hoping for search engine traffic, you will unlikely get many users to your site, and the test will fail from the start. To get an objective testing, the traffic will have to be purchased. You should take that into account and include it into your expenses.

One-time project. For instance, selling a house/apartment. One particular house. After selling it, you would close the project. It will turn into a beautiful online ad. Traffic will be paid for or driven from direct links from real estate sales boards. Such projects will do well with targeted advertisement in social media.

Non-profit project. If the work is volunteer-based, then there is no sense to have a full-fledged website.

Landing. If you try hard, then “putting together” one page will just do it. When choosing a builder, don’t forget to clarify whether it will be possible to export the code and how much it will cost. Be sure to check on counters, whether it is possible to set the metrics. Traffic for landing is also to be purchased.

Have you forgotten that there is no such thing as a free lunch? Nobody will provide you with quality services for free.
Don’t flatter yourself.

Conclusion! Make your choice based on original data. Consider all pros and cons. And to avoid paying twice, we recommend you still create websites on CMS. Not sure that you can handle it yourself? Please, contact us.

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