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Website, car — no difference! Simple answers to 7 most popular questions about building websites

February 08, 2018

Sometimes it can be difficult to explain what, why, and how much it costs. The most simple and the fastest way to find common grounds with a potential client is to translate everything to simple analogies comprehensible for anyone. For such purposes, I usually use the analogy of a car.

So, let’s start with the most popular question.

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Why NOT a website builder?

February 01, 2018

One of the major aspects of GROWER.DESIGN work is to create websites. We develop them on convenient multifunctional commercial CMS (content management system). Sometimes people wonder why we don’t use a website builder. There are 6 objective reasons for that. We’ll discuss them in more detail.

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Why does your business really need a website

January 25, 2018

Why having website is required for any company in the modern world? How can a website help you in developing your business?

Remember, what do you do when you want to find something - a service, a product, the address of a cafe, a store, or a company? To go to the Internet “to google” it!

You don’t buy today’s newspaper with ads, you don’t turn on the TV or radio. You just “google” it online! Then you navigate to the right site and you study offers in more detail.

So which business objectives does a website help you solve?

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